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Hana Katana - "Friends don't make you cry."

Official Music Video

"Friends don't make

you cry."


now streaming on all platforms

"So, What Kind Of Music Do You Make?"

The music I make isn't like anything else out there, I call my genre "Trip-Pop" which is short for "Trippy-Pop". When I started introducing myself as an artist to people they would always ask me the same question; "So what kind of music do you make?" and I honestly didn't know what to tell them for a long time. It felt wrong to box myself in with any single genre when I knew I was on the brink of a sound entirely my own. 

I eventually realized that I'm just a trippy a$$ pop star and that I don't have to play by the rules. I'm rare as hell and extremely unapologetic about it, but I feel like it's absolutely necessary to embrace the most vibrant colors of your spirit in order to create your best art.

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