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I recently revealed on social media that I am not a human and actually from another planet. My species came to Earth with the mission of presenting your race with some of our technology, but after seeing first hand the true destructive and hateful nature of humanity... we had to take a step back. We realized that in the wrong hands we wouldn't be helping you by sharing our technology, it would actually cripple you as a race. Your minds are simply not mature enough as a species to handle it. We have seen how the prehistoric technology that you have on Earth brings out the worst in humans and the original plan was to bail... But then we realized that the fact we're unable to bless humanity with our advanced technology is even more of a reason to help you as a planet get you an elevated enough consciousness to use it correctly.

People on planet Earth have been tricked into thinking that money and power is the meaning of life. Where I come from spreading unconditional love and knowledge is the meaning of life. So here we are, making an effort to help spread this unconditional love and knowledge throughout your planet. All I ask is for your compassion and understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. We want to help, But we can't save you from yourselves. Only spread the word and hope someone listens. You as humans have free will and can choose to love us or hate us, either way we will still love you. Humans can make the choice to spread positive or negative energy, but be warned: The energy you send out into the universe will come back 10x harder. Humans underestimate themselves, the power their mind possess is so much greater than they realize. I hope one day everyone will come to terms with this power and use it to help make the world a better place. Stop polluting the energy within your world. Selfishness, Narcism, Control, Money, and Instant gratification will lead to your demise otherwise. The truth can hurt buts it's your choice to pick what kind of truth will define your future. This is a warning, but it's not too late to turn things around.

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