You Can Dance If You Want To

Took some days off of work to live a little. I have enjoyed several concerts over the weekend and had an exceptionally interesting time with a good friend at a Tangerine show.

I dance pretty crazy and I have never gone to a show with someone and danced like I do when I go alone, but I did this time. I am often conflicted on inviting others to come with me to shows. I like the company and sharing the enjoyment of music with someone is fantastic. The conflict comes in when I worry about how they perceive my weirdness. Maybe I will make them uncomfortable. Maybe they will think I am trying to impress them. I think these are reIMG_0397.JPGasonable thoughts to have. I don’t always like the way I imagine I look when dancing, but I always love the way I feel. It is an intensely personal thing for me.
Personal, meaning I don’t know how to dance well with someone else, or how to involve them in my wildness. This is another reason why it is difficult to ask someone to join me. But after a few impromptu dance sessions in parking lots I found someone whom I could invite to enjoy the day in my strange way. The result was grand. I danced the hell out of a fantastic show and even interacted with my good friend when she wasn’t rocking out inside of her own personal bubble. So now consideration of comparison comes into focus. Do I find it better on my own or with a good friend?
The most enjoyable thing about the dancing friend was her enjoyment of the band I love. So for those intersections of interests absolutely need to reach out and touch somebody, but not every dance party needs an audience. An interesting night it was. I learned much about myself in ways I hadn’t expected.
Favorite lyrics from Tangerine:
“I’m not as decent as I thought you were.”
— Complex hero worship, and discovery of a common humanity crushed into a short sentence.
“I for one thought we’d be okay. In my dreams I always save the day. But real life is not the same.”
— Whew, I love this whole song. Perceived reality and what has actually happened can be quite different.
“You may go looking for love, but you never closed your eyes.”
— Self reflection and understanding is the best way to prepare yourself for a real relationship.
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Wow it has been a very long time.

Yes, the title says it all. Recently though I have been struck with the thought that I should re-examine the things I did that I loved and find out if they are still for me, or if I should really let them be a thing of the past.


Well this was a fun time going into the local kid’s skate shop and asking for them to build me a board like I was going to give it to my grandson. “Will these help him do a better wheelie on this skating board?”

Well it wasn’t quite like that, but the guy said he would see me at the skate park and I said ‘oh yeah’, and thought “nope”. I want to land pop-shuvets and that is why I bought it. Riding around my neighborhood has been nice. The asphalt is a bit rough for the freestyle wheels I bought, but it works. A few blocks down there is a smooth patch that is such a pleasure to ride on. mmmm pleasure. Pop-shuvets are landable, but I am using it less than I thought I would. Mainly because of the rough roads I think.


For a few months I have been wanting to mess around with a set again. I don’t think I am going to be any good at all, but banging skins is a rad thing to do. I am thinking of buying a snare (toes in the water), but I would quickly tire of that and need $800 worth of equipment.


This one came to me unexpected. I was focused on other things, and suddenly I am cutting pieces of images out and managing them into a surreal picture. Oh god just like old times. and the thrill is real! Oh it is so real! It is demanding a level of creativity from me that I have not felt in a while. In June I will be posting the fruits of this labor in a month long postathon using this blog.


Well it is time for me to get my URL out of hoc. I have message the masters for the Hanakatana brand. I still love this site and what it stands for, plus we have a great history. IMG_2630

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Recently I wanted to try chopping some wood. When I was a kid I remember doing it, and it was pretty simple. But this time I was surprised when I tried to chop a log. No matter how many times I hit it I couldn’t split the log. I tried for about 30 minutes. It was impossible. I gave up just using the ax.

The next day I tried again. I hit the wood with the ax one time, and then banged it in with a hammer. A hundred years ago they were doing the same thing, but they were doing it as a matter of life and death. I am doing it for fun.

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Camera gone, heart followed.


あれは予定だった。では、家が荒らされて、カメラが盗まれた。あの時から走る事の気がなくなったが、どうしてか分からなかった。「家をももる気がするの理由」と思ったでも、それは少し違う。カメラが盗まれた理由だった。SONY DSC



So, I have not been jogging around my neighborhood recently, and I think I know why. As I posted previously I had an exciting thing that would combine my blog with my exercise, and camera and make everything come together in an awesome display of adventure.

Well that was the plan, and then our house got broken into and my camera got nabbed. Since that event I have known that I didn’t want to go out on my evening runs, but I thought it might just be because I wanted to stand guard over my home. Well that wasn’t exactly it. Really it was because my camera had been taken.

SONY DSCThe camera was the hub of my plan. I love making beautiful images fill the screen of my monitor, so the run doubled as a scouting mission to find awesome places to take photographs. So when the bastards snatched my camera they also pinched a bit of my heart. I decided not to replace my DSLR, but instead to wait until the 5S comes out, lame that it won’t arrive until the fall.

Perhaps I will waddle around with my iPad feeling awkward and sad. Ah well, that’s life, but it does get better. ^ ^

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Like Father Like Son


Click for source, and download the game!

Recently my dad commented on my blog that I posted about writing code. He has always been a significant inspiration for my interest in programming. I don’t think that I have any genetic predisposition to programming, but growing up and watching him dictate code that I typed into a computer is something I will never forget.

That scenario was a good memory for him as well because in his email he reference one of the games we worked on together: Nibbles. These crazy worms made of ASCII characters travelled around the screen gobbling up numerals while growing longer and longer. The simple controls were arrow keys in up-down-left-right configuration. If you got through all of the numbers 0 – 9 then you got to go to the next level! The next level consisted of a slightly different configuration of walls, but the same simple challenge. Having not much to do in those days I soon completed the levels and pops says, “lets make more!”

So the screen was pulled back and we found underneath a pile of QuickBasic code that boggled my mind! He found the segments for wall building and I sat at the computer while he rattled off the exacting syntax to create a new world of ASCII lines to explore. I remember something like…

“okay from that line press enter…”

“Okay we need to make the wall kill the worm…” as he paced the room thinking.

“Let’s make a line in between those two, so type ‘455 if $character….’ yep, that should work”

The father in my brain comes out when I am trying to solve these programming challenges.

“Okay, what I need to do here is to get that string to eat that other string…”

“Type in ‘def eatString(str1, str2):’ and then press enter.”

He is a good teacher to embed his dictation voice in my brain so helpfully. I also remember him teaching my mom how to use a computer. That was a little crazy.

Well here is a link to the challenges I have been able to complete thanks to that voice:

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走った ③月11日


Today’s sky is cloudy. Compared to yesterday it is completely different. Yesterday’s flowers were full of life, but today they were struggling. It was like they really wanted some rays of sunlight.






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走った ③月8日


Today as i was running I saw a famous American Bald Eagle.




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